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Desborough Childminder.

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Desborough Childminder.

Post  jaineodell on Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:32 am

[justify]I have been registered as a childminder since November 2006;
I have two children Harrison who is 4 and go's to Haverlock Infants & Alfie who is 3 and will be starting loatlands nursery in Sept mornings .
I live with my husband Kevin. We have 2 cats Lily & Phoebe they are very friendly if you are lucky you may get a glimpse of lily, as she is very shy. Phoebe on the other hand will fall asleep on you feet if your not to careful both the cats are excellent with children.
I have a lovely child friendly house with an excellent garden for children. I can cater for new borns to 10 year olds. I offer a home from home Experience and not a strict nursery style house as this is not just a business for me it my home and the child will become one of the family while they are here. I know how hard it is to leave your child with anyone when you have no choice but to work so i do offer a settling in process for you ie a few visits before they start even if its a cup of tea and a chat for half an hour just to start the child off. And i dont mind if you text or call me every hour to find out how they are when they start.
At present i do have spaces full time or part time. and i am quite flexable with times and days. I am also able to drop off and collect from all local nurseries loatlands and haverlock school.
Please call for a chat 07506 866136


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