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Outstanding Childminder with Under 5 spaces in North Devon

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Outstanding Childminder with Under 5 spaces in North Devon

Post  Lynn B on Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:48 pm

Hi, my name is Lynn and I live in a little village, not far from Chulmleigh and Winkleigh in North Devon.  I am fairly new to the area and looking to childmind again, having received an Outstanding at my last inspection and loving my job in my previous county.  I live in a house with adequate and safe provisions for children, I have two ESS dogs who are trained and work as gundogs as that is another part of our business, training and working them doing what they love and will be able to socialise the child to friendly well mannered dogs in a safe and secure environment, at no times will the dogs be left alone around children.  We also have a child friendly rabbit, ferrets (not touched by the children) and chickens.  We have access to an enclosed garden and a further much larger garden to use for lots of fun outside activities, as well as play indoors which will be fully child focussed and supporting your individual child's needs and interests.

I am currently only looking to offer care for under 5's from around 8 am to 6pm on a full or part time basis, if you require anything outside these hours please feel free to contact me as it never hurts to ask and depending on commitments may well be available. I am currently as looking to build up business again (from being full with a waiting list), able to offer one off and emergency care, so again please ask.

My contact details are 01769 520878, check out my website or email me on

Lynn B

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