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Vacancies Larkhall : Full/Part time & weekend and evening

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Vacancies Larkhall : Full/Part time & weekend and evening Empty Vacancies Larkhall : Full/Part time & weekend and evening

Post  xleemx on Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:23 am

**Registration will be completed and issued within the next 2-3 weeks**

Twinkletoes Childminding is based in Larkhall, Lanarkshire. Childminding
services are available to all in Lanarkshire as long as children can be
dropped off and collected from my property. All children will be given
the same opportunity to play, experience and achieve with due regard to
their age, race,religion, gender, culture, disability or special
educational needs, social background or composition of the family.

Here at Twinkletoes Childminding I provide a warm, welcoming, fun
environment for all children bringing the benefits of a nursery
education to the home. As a childminder I provide all resources for the
children, all of which will benefit the learning and developmental needs
of each individual child. I regularly engage in art activities,
outings, baking, story time and educational play as well as free play
with the children. I have a fully enclosed back garden to allow the
children daily access to the outdoors where we will engage in planting
and games to help further develop the childrens physical development.

I provide a daily diary so you are always fully informed of your
child’s meals, snacks, changes, naps and activities. I also provide all
snacks and meals as well as nappies and wipes.

I am open from
7.30 - 6.30pm Monday to Friday however can be flexible where parents
have shifts, however I do not intend to provide care after 10.30pm. If a
child is in for a full session and it runs past 6.30 an additional fee
of £7 will be added per hour (however arrangements can be made for
shifts). I intend to also provide weekend care at a rate of £7 per hour
(however for the same family can only be provided twice a month.) My
daily full time fee I intend to be £30 and my weekly full time fee will
be £150. A half day (4 hours or less will be £20).


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