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Looking for a childminder in Derby

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Looking for a childminder in Derby Empty Looking for a childminder in Derby

Post  suri-maria on Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:26 am


I am from Ecuador, South America. I have lived in Derby for almost six
years and have been married for six years to my lovely husband, Suri
(Derby born). I gave birth to our first child Leah last November.

We both work full-time, however currently on maternity leave till
August. I will be returning to work on Tuesday 4th September, but will
not be working Mondays. I have taken advantage of my maternity leave by
visiting my family in Ecuador & USA for three months, I left in late
March and returned June 30th. With no family here in the UK, it has
been a very exciting and emotional time. Suri returned from Ecuador in
May, due to his work, so hadn't seen Leah for nearly 2 months!

We are looking for childcare starting on September 4th. Tuesday through
to Friday probably 8am - 5.30/6pm, although I live in Derby I work in
Chesterfield. However, Suri works in Derby and
hence will be dropping/collecting Leah.

Please contact 078 788 47329 or 01332 366133.

Maria & Suri


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