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Childminder needed in Kings Lynn

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Childminder needed in Kings Lynn Empty Childminder needed in Kings Lynn

Post  tracyl55 on Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:14 pm

I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help but my little girl got into
Springwood on a specialist arts placement so I'm now looking for a
childminder who could pick her up from Kings Lynn station and drop her
off at Springwood High School and then pick her up from Springwood and
drop her back at the station. Approx times are 8.20am from station and
3.25pm from school, I would also need to put into place an arrangement
for if she was late out of school and needed to get the later train or
if she missed the train - maybe going back with you for a snack/start
her homework and then get the later train, there's lots of bits to
sort out but I guess it's just if it's even possible!!! Smile She's quite
a nervous child, but very, very well behaved and sensible so wouldn't
give you any trouble! I would love it if she could go to the high
school but since we are in Downham Market and I have another child who
is disabled and my little one starting primary school in September I
would feel so much happier knowing that she had someone looking out
for her from the station and from the school and a plan in place in
case she did need to get the later train etc. I could put her in a
taxi but I wouldn't feel as comfortable and neither would she.
Sorry to ramble, if you could be of any help or suggest someone who
could that would be wonderful, I'm pretty desperate to get it sorted
because we need to make a decision about schools by Wednesday.
I hope that someone can help us!


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